How it works
  • Let's be honest. 


    Your customers and business partners receive tons of Christmas cards every year. Why is your card standing out? It is thrown into the trash like the rest of them.  Every card values about 5 Swiss Francs with designing, printing, sending, etc. Why don't we use this resource for something that helps you and someone else? 

  • For example here.
    5 Francs can help to transport 3 people by bicycle ambulance. Our business partner or costumer can enable this with only 3 clicks.


  • Surprise!

    Thanks to fivetolife you can stand out from the crowd. Each e-mail receiver gets a  voucher worth five francs. It is embedded in a nice Christmas e-mail.

  •  Personalised voucher.

    After clicking in the e-mail the receiver gets to the personalised voucher.

  •  The choice is yours.

    After clicking on the voucher three projects you chose before are displayed. The receiver choses now the project that is liked the most. It is this simple. 

  •  That's it. 
    1. You stick out of the crowd
    2. Your costumer feels great 
    3. non-profit projects are helped
    4. natural resources preserved
  • Join!

    Let us know that you like it and we will contact you as soon as you can start with your Christmas campaign: